A Look at Our History to Understand Violence and Mental Illness, Leadership and Accountability, Trauma and Recovery

The true story of  one tragic week at Fairchild Air Force Base – an “active shooter” terrorized the base hospital and a talented but reckless pilot crashed a B-52 bomber near the flight line.

In “vivid and thoroughly researched detail” Warnings Unheeded delivers an unprecedented look at a mass murderer in the making and dispels the myth that these incidents are random acts of violence committed without warning by otherwise normal individuals.

In a parallel account, Warnings Unheeded tells the story of a veteran pilot who was known to exceed the maneuvering limits of the B-52 bomber. His reckless flying not only put the lives of his crew at risk, but also the lives of the air show spectators who gathered to watch him perform. When attempts to ground the pilot were unsuccessful, several aviators “predicted the worst air show disaster in history.”

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 This book was written by Andy Brown, the man who ended the hospital killing spree, and is the result of more than seven years of writing and research. Brown “masterfully weaves” the stories together and intersperses them with chapters that reveal the preparations he made which enabled him to end a pistol-versus-rifle gunfight with a 70 yard shot from his handgun. Brown also writes of his experience with the aftermath of the shooting and encourages others to learn from his mistakes when it comes to dealing with the effects of trauma.

These empowering stories are presented in an objective, narrative style that shows what can happen when authorities become complacent, when the precursors of violence are ignored and when the lessons from history are forgotten.

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Warnings Unheeded

Media Coverage of Warnings Unheeded

Riley Bowman interviews Andy Brown on the Concealed Carry Podcast to discuss Warnings Unheeded: Twin Tragedies at Fairchild Air Force Base. – September 2017

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Tom Gresham interviews Andy Brown about Warnings Unheeded  GunTalk Radio. – August 2017

Todd Herman interviews Andy Brown on the Todd Herman Show Seattle’s 770 KTTH. Todd and Andy discuss Warnings Unheeded: Twin Tragedies at Fairchild Air Force Base and the lessons to be learned from our history. – July 2017

Todd Herman Show:

Daniel Shaw, the host of Gunfighter Cast, interviews Andy Brown about Warnings Unheeded: Twin Tragedies at Fairchild Air Force Base. Brown reveals how and why he wrote the book, discusses the hospital shooting and his response that ended the killing, the life-saving heroics of the hospital patrons and staff, the after effects of trauma and the life-saving lessons learned. – February 2017

Gunfighter Cast Audio Part One:

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Gun Owners Radio News Hour interview. Larry Pratt, the executive director of the Gun Owners of America talks with Andy Brown about Warnings Unheeded: Twin Tragedies at Fairchild Air Force Base. Brown discusses the twin tragedies and the lessons that can be learned by law makers, military leadership, law enforcement, mental health and armed citizens. – January 2017

Rick Rydell interviews Andy Brown about Warnings Unheeded on Spokane’s KXLY – November 2016

Early praise for Warnings Unheeded:

"An amazing book. An instant classic. Staff Sergeant Brown is a true guardian who saved countless lives with supernatural marksmanship skill in a moment of great need, but he has also proven himself to be a true warrior-wordsmith who will save even more lives, as the lessons from this book are learned and applied in our current violent times. Absolutely “required reading” for law enforcement and mental health professionals, but also profoundly valuable for anyone who wants to understand violence and mental illness in our society today."

Lt Col Dave Grossman (US Army, retired)Author of On Combat, On Killing, and Assassination Generation

"There are specific lessons in this book that can help us to prevent lethal tragedy. Lessons for bosses, subordinates, and coworkers. Lessons for law enforcement, and for psychologists, and for human resources personnel. But there are also general lessons for all of us that can save lives, though perhaps not so dramatically nor so heroically as Andy Brown saving uncounted lives when he 'rode to the sound of the guns."

Massad AyoobFirearms and self-defense instructor, author of Foreword

“In vivid and thoroughly researched detail, Andy Brown masterfully weaves two tragic stories … In parallel accounts he craftily weds the stories of the vivid dysfunction of a troubled young airman and the reckless arrogance of a senior officer and aviator. As Andy Brown clearly displays, if warnings had been heeded, the behavior of both men would not have led to disastrous ends. … this is an important and well-written read.”

Gregory K. Moffatt, Ph.D.Author of of Blind-Sided: Homicide Where it is Least Expected and A Violent Heart

“Rich in fascinating detail and page-turning narration, Warnings Unheeded delivers memorable insights into the kind of slaughter that so often fills news cycles these days, and the resilience heroes need to fight back from the emotional toll of protecting other lives.”

Charles RemsbergAuthor of the Street Survival book series

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