The Fairchild Air Force Base 



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This site is dedicated to the men, women and children who were at the Fairchild Air Force Base Hospital on 20 June 1994, to those who came to their aid and to their families. And to the aviators who lost their lives four days later when their B-52 bomber crashed during an air show practice flight.

Maj Thomas E. Brigham 1962-1994
Capt Alan W. London 1954-1994
Anita L. Lindner 1954-1994
Christin Francis McCarron 1986-1994
Taylor McKenzie Sigman 1994

Hospital shooting 20 June 1994

Col Robert E. Wolff Age 46
Lt Col Arthur "Bud" Holland Age 46
Lt Col Mark C. McGeehan Age 38

Lt Col Kenneth S. Huston Age 41

B-52 Crash 24 June 1994



Lt Col Delwyn Baker, 42
Pauline Brown, 61, Dependent Spouse
TSgt Patrick Deaton, 35
Ruth Gerken, 71, Dependent Spouse
Mark Hess, 35, USAF Retired
Omer Karns, 69, DAV Volunteer Driver
Deena Kelley, 37, Dependent Spouse
Orson Lee, 64, US Army Retired
MSgt Dennis Moe, 41
Kelly Moe, 13, Dependent Daughter
Marlene Moe, 40, Dependent Spouse
Melissa Moe, 15, Dependent Daughter
Lorraine Murray, 62, Dependent Spouse
SSgt Joseph Noone, 30
Hazel "Joy" Roberts, 61, Dependent Spouse
Laura Rogers, 25, USAF Active Duty
Michelle Sigman, 25, Dependent Spouse
Samuel Spencer, 13, Dependent Son
John Urick, 69, U.S. Navy, Retired
Eva Walch, 57, Dependent Spouse
Anthony Zucchetto, 4, Hospital Visitor
Janessa Zucchetto, 5, Hospital Visitor

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