Andy Brown grew up in Port Orchard, Washington and joined the Air Force in 1989, shortly after graduating from South Kitsap High School. He served as a law enforcement specialist in the Security Police/Security Forces career field and was stationed in Idaho, Greece, Washington, Hawaii and New Mexico.

He now lives in the Spokane, Washington area and works for the Department of Homeland Security.

After seven years of researching, interviewing and writing, he wrote Warnings Unheeded. The book is part of his ongoing effort to share the lessons learned from the Fairchild tragedies and his experience with the effects of trauma.

Wearing a white polo shirt and bicycle helmet, Brown takes cover on the perimeter moments after ending a mass murder at Fairchild Air Force Base. Not long after this photo was taken he moved to the ER to provide security and assist in searching the main hospital.

In 2014, Speech Given at the 20 Year Anniversary Memorial