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Fairchild Air Force Base Hospital Shooting
A Place to Learn and Memorialize
The Book
Mass Murder, Devotion to Duty and Lessons Learned. The story of the 1994 Fairchild Hospital Shooting. 

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I had never met the man that I killed. I didn’t know why he came to our hospital with a rifle, or why he shot so many of the people I had a duty to protect.

Determined to find out, I collected thousands of pages of police reports, medical records and witness statements. I interviewed people who interacted with the gunman before, during and after his short Air Force career. Numerous doctors had identified him as a threat, many of his peers feared he was dangerous and several people voiced their concerns. Their warnings went unheeded.
I stopped the gunman but I am not the only “hero” of this story. Several people on the grounds and behind the walls of the hospital acted selflessly. Their actions saved lives and yet of the hundreds of people at the hospital, few escaped injury. Those who weren’t physically wounded suffered the psychological effects of trauma. As I discovered years afterward, I had prepared for the lethal force encounter but I was not prepared for the aftermath.
This is the story of the events before, during and after the shooting at the Fairchild Air Force Base hospital, an example of what happens when warnings go unheeded.


Other books I recommend:

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