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Fairchild Air Force Base Hospital Shooting
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Police Audio



Radio and Telephone audio from the 92 Security Police, Law Enforcement Desk (LED) during the incident.  
The Desk Sergeant was one hour into his shift when all hell broke loose.  A duress alarms sounded from the ER, the Crime Stop line and the Non-Emergency line rang simultaneously and continued ringing for hours.  

Crime Stop, the 911 of Faircihlld AFB in 1994.  This is the first phone call for help.  Patrols were immediately dispatched.

The first 20 minutes of the "non-emergency" line.


Security Police radio traffic of the response on 20 June 1994.  My call sign was Police 6.
Post 6 is the call sign of a mobile patrol that was assigned to relieve the gate guards.

The following six files cover the first hour and forty-five minutes of the Security Police response in chronological order.

Radio 1
(There is silence until 26 seconds into the recording)

 Radio 2

Radio 3

Radio 4

Radio 5

Radio 6



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